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10 Magnificent Switzerland Waterfalls That You Must Visit

10 Magnificent Switzerland Waterfalls That You Must Visit

Switzerland offers breathtaking cascades and tranquil trickles of waterfalls to satisfy every traveler’s need. A paradise for nature enthusiasts, Switzerland boasts breathtaking mountain backdrops and charming lakes to offer scenic beauty that make its country-side attractions hard to beat.

10 Magnificent Switzerland Waterfalls That You Must Visit

Trummelbach Falls are Europe’s largest subterranean waterfalls, capable of discharging up to 20,000 liters per second of water into Switzerland’s mountains. Their 10 tiered cascade provides one of the most unforgettable experiences available anywhere.

1. Reichenbach Falls

Reichenbach Falls is one of Switzerland’s most breathtaking waterfalls, known for its step-like descent and perfect place for taking a break and taking in its sights and sounds. A hiking trail leads up to these powerful waters while at their base is an enjoyable funicular that provides stunning views over Hasli valley and Reichenbach falls.

10 Magnificent Switzerland Waterfalls That You Must Visit

Sound of rushing water can be heard long before arriving at this spectacular waterfall, almost as loudly as that of an oncoming freight train.

Hiking to the top of cliffs in the valley is another popular pastime, which visitors can do any time of year. Additionally, there are hotels in the area offering rooms with mountain, village and waterfall views; Hotel Staubbach is just steps from a waterfall offering breakfast, Wi-Fi connectivity and parking services for its guests.

2. Trummelbach Falls

Falls enthusiasts should definitely see this amazing waterfall near Schaffhausen 45 minutes north of Zurich. From its several platforms or taking a boat ride around its center you can experience this breathtaking scene and get up close with a huge rock.

10 Magnificent Switzerland Waterfalls That You Must Visit

Lauterbrunnen Valley is home to 72 Waterfalls; one such glacial waterfall stands out as being completely within the mountain, creating an unforgettable sight that you won’t soon forget. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Staubbach waterfall in Lauterbrunnen Valley is undeniably stunning, but don’t be deterred from exploring further along the trail to discover Trummelbach. Make sure to stop for coffee and cake at nearby cafe/gift shops if time allows!

3. Rosenlaui Falls

Experience Switzerland’s magnificent waterfall gorge for yourself on a rocky path and watch as its plunging waters form romantic grottos and push through narrow straits, bubbling and frothing as they go.

The Rosenlaui Falls in Switzerland are an iconic attraction, immortalized in many works of art and literature. This breathtaking natural wonder also serves as a scenic backdrop for Lauterbrunnen which boasts all-wood houses providing a taste of Swiss tradition.

This 250-meter waterfall falls along Reichenbach stream in Bernese Oberland region and makes for an excellent day trip for anyone who appreciates nature and all its wonders. Visitors can walk down a scenic walkway leading down to its base or ride a funicular for breathtaking valley views. A popular tourist attraction, this waterfall makes a memorable stopover and should not be missed by nature lovers of all stripes!

4. Tines Conflens

As part of Tschingel Lutschine, this waterfall stands out as an extraordinary feature. Water cascades down multiple stages from an altitude of 300 meters in multiple steps, creating an unforgettable view.

Visit this stunning waterfall if you’re in the area; its beauty simply cannot be captured through pictures alone! You won’t believe your eyes when standing right behind it!

This impressive waterfall can be found in Lauterbrunnen Valley and is fed by river Staldenbach. It cascades down 10 tiered steps for an unforgettable viewing experience.

This waterfall stands as Switzerland’s highest and features five cascades, making for an imposing display in spring when at its most vibrant. Furthermore, its accessibility by foot from Lauterbrunnen village makes for easy travel – don’t forget the abundance of restaurants, cafes and picturesque villages along the way!

5. Roffla Gorge

The Roffla Gorge in Berverin Nature Park offers you an unforgettable glimpse of Niagara Falls from an intimate viewpoint. Cut in 1907 by American immigrant Christian Pitschen-Melchior after visiting Niagara Falls, this rock gallery required seven years of painstaking manual labor to chisel through unyielding rocks of Roffla Gorge into this breathtaking walkway and create such an astounding sight.

Tine Conflens is one such waterfall – set against an unforgettable landscape of green forests, flower-rich meadows, grazing cattle, and gently moving grasses, it makes an impressionful statement about nature’s power to mesmerise visitors with its breathtaking height and mesmerising charm.

Hotel Staubbach and Hotel Oberland are two of the top hotels in Lauterbrunnen with breathtaking waterfall views, both family-owned properties with rooms overlooking mountains, villages, or waterfalls. Both provide complimentary breakfast, WiFi access and parking facilities.

6. Piumogna Falls

These beautiful waterfalls located near Lauterbrunnen offer one of the most striking sights to be seen in Switzerland. As they cascade over multiple stages of mossy rocks and rushing waters, their thunderous sound makes an unforgettable impression! Each sound may make its presence known, yet every noise worth every second!

Reichenbach Falls are famed as being where Sherlock Holmes met his end in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel; they’re also an impressive natural attraction situated within Bernese Oberland and accessible via walking trails and funiculars.

Lower falls can be seen by foot while upper ones require some expertise or a quick ride up on a funicular. Pack a picnic and relax as you admire this breathtaking 108-meter waterfall! For even closer views, take a short trek uphill towards one of its viewpoints for even better views of this mesmerizing water source!

7. Santa Petronilla Falls

Not all waterfalls impress with their height; others do it through shimmering and glistening. Such is the case of Faido’s Tine Conflenes Waterfall – located within two crossing streams – offering visitors an unforgettable experience (at their own risk) behind this impressive scene.

Rhine Falls are one of Europe’s greatest natural spectacles and should not be missed! Situated near Schaffhausen – an easy day trip from Zurich – they measure volume rather than height with its majestic rock towering in the middle forming an unforgettable cascade that will take your breath away.

Reichenbach Falls may be well known from Sherlock Holmes as it was the site of their iconic confrontation with Professor Moriarty; however, this spectacular waterfall is just one among many breathtaking ones found nearby.

8. Roffla Falls

Switzerland is well known for its majestic Alpine ranges and crystal clear lakes, but also boasts some remarkable waterfalls whose presence adds another worldly quality to Switzerland. Waterfalls seem to bring out this otherworldly charm further still and soften Switzerland’s aesthetic appeal even more so than mountains do.

This stunning waterfall is Switzerland’s highest and features water cascading down five staircases, creating an awe-inspiring natural attraction which has since made its way into popular culture through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels.

A narrow path winds its way to the base of this waterfall, past an exquisite gorge and historic inn/restaurant complex and museum that tells Christian’s incredible story of building such an astonishing waterfall, spending seven years chiselling and blasting away nonstop to craft his masterpiece. A visit to this incredible attraction should not be missed when visiting Switzerland!

9. Jaun Waterfall

Faido or Piumogna Waterfall in Switzerland’s canton of Ticino is one of its greatest waterfalls, making a must-see stop on Europe’s most important rail and road axis. You can trek or take a cable car ride to reach this breathtaking sight.

Opposite the compactly built town center of Jaun with its wooden houses stands a stunning waterfall that gushes at certain times of year with up to 6000 liters per second, an awe-inspiring natural spectacle surrounded by mossy rocks and pine forests. Furthermore, some people believe it to be a source of healing with its purported positive energy fields.

No matter if it is for one week or multiple months, these spectacular waterfalls will make any trip through Switzerland all the more unforgettable. So add them now to your Switzerland travel bucket list!

10. Trollwasser Falls

If you’ve been on Instagram recently, chances are high that you have come across images of Staubbach Falls. Located near Lauterbrunnen’s picturesque hamlet and offering breathtaking vistas from behind.

Piumogna Falls are one of Switzerland’s enchanting waterfalls, towering majestically over verdant valleys with breathtaking cascading water. Reached easily via short trek through lush forests and alpine meadows, you’ll witness this impressive sight in person!

Make the most of your visit to Switzerland’s breathtaking waterfalls by booking accommodations that provide views of their beauty. One such hotel, Hotel Staubbach is less than five minutes’ walk from Lauterbrunnen train station and boasts rooms with mountain, village and waterfall views as well as complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi service – for more details click here.

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