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10 Tips For Plane Travel

10 Tips For Plane Travel

Plane flights can become tedious unless you bring along enough entertainment options. Make sure that you pack movies and TV shows, such as the latest season of Netflix, which you can download for offline viewing.

Airports and planes can be among the germiest environments, so bring hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes along. And don’t forget a travel pillow!

1. Pack Light

Given baggage fees and limited space on planes, packing light is always best. By taking only carry-on bags instead of checked ones, more space can be freed up in both the overhead bin and under your seat and it becomes simpler to keep track of items.

Travelers can reduce luggage weight by wearing their bulkiest apparel (think boots, jackets and heavy shoes) on the plane – this saves space in your suitcase while eliminating discomfort associated with traveling in wet footwear for hours at a time.

Not only should you pack light, but choosing your seat wisely can ensure a more relaxing flight. Avoid sitting in the middle row if possible as these seats tend to be extremely uncomfortable; window seats tend to be quieter and offer more legroom.

2. Choose Your Seat Wisely

For passengers hoping to nap during their flight, window seats offer the ideal environment. Being out of reach from seatmates who may climb over you or bump into you in the aisle can also make for better rest. Those traveling with large carry-on bags should opt for back row seating so there is sufficient overhead bin space. Meanwhile, those experiencing anxiety should choose overwing seating; it will have less effect from turbulence.

10 Tips For Plane Travel
10 Tips For Plane Travel

When seating yourself in the front row, be mindful to consult with your seatmate prior to recline, as this could cause discomfort or be unsafe for them. Furthermore, pay attention during safety briefing before takeoff – being aware of what steps to take during an emergency will help keep you calm and safe! Additionally, try avoiding last row seats where flight attendants prepare drinks and meals as well as families often occupy bassinets.

3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated on an airplane flight can be challenging with recycled air, especially given its dry climate. By drinking plenty of water throughout your flight and limiting caffeinated drinks and alcohol (both diuretics that increase urine output) is essential to avoiding fatigue, constipation, and dry skin as side effects of plane travel.

Pack some Pedialyte powder packs containing electrolytes to stay hydrated on your flight, or take advantage of in-flight beverage services, which offer flavored seltzer water, tea and milk beverages to hydrate.

Make sure to bring along lip balm, saline nasal spray and hand sanitizer – these items can help fight germs present on airplanes or public places. Also consider bringing an empty reusable water bottle and filling it at the airport to save money and be more environmentally-friendly.

4. Stay Active

Travel can be tiring and tiring flights can be even worse; to help combat this discomfort, consider engaging in some low-intensity exercises to stay active prior to taking flight. Incorporating them early may pay dividends when it comes time to leave the plane!

Stretching can also be helpful. Doing squats and forward lunges in an aisle safely without hindering anyone can loosen stiff muscles and ease tension.

Try isometric exercises, such as squeezing muscles for 10 seconds then releasing them, to get your blood pumping. Moving around when the seatbelt sign is off can also help prevent blood clots; be sure to move only during such times when there are no passengers around you and the cabin is clear of other passengers; avoid crossing your legs as this limits blood flow; download workout apps to guide in-seat exercises and stretches!

5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Airplanes can be cramped spaces, making sleep on long flights difficult for many passengers. Melatonin supplements or other sleep aids may help to promote restful zzzzs; Kiwi fruit and sour cherries may also offer relief from jetlag symptoms.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Beautiful Attractive Asian woman sleep and sweet dream on bed in bedroom in the morning feeling so relax and comfortable,Healthcare Concept

Pack a pillow, blanket and eye mask, along with headphones so you can listen to calming music or an audiobook while drifting off during your flight. Packing snacks might also help, though avoid anything that may spill easily or cause cabin pressure issues.

Create a nutritious meal at home before your flight, such as couscous or quinoa with crunchy vegetables and light dressing, which will keep you full and hydrated during your journey. Also consider bringing an external charging device so your devices stay charged throughout the journey, which could come in especially handy in case your flight is delayed or has an extended layover.

6. Bring Your Own Snacks

Airplane food can be expensive, unhealthy and less-than-appetizing; by packing simple snacks such as carrot sticks, granola bars or whole wheat crackers to bring aboard can save both time and money during a flight.

If traveling with children, pack a portable DVD player. This will keep them entertained and quiet throughout your flight – while sparing other passengers from listening to SpongeBob SquarePants for yet another time!

Make sure to pack water and other necessary personal items – this will help make the journey smoother and more enjoyable – whether heading home for the holidays or traveling worldwide! Have a safe journey!

7. Ask About Seating Options

No matter if you are taking advantage of luxury business class seating or have scored an entire row all to yourself, always ask the flight crew about upgrading to a better seat – often at no additional cost or sometimes even free! They often can give a better seat at no cost or may offer one completely free!

When at the front of a boarding line, make sure you ask for a seat away from galley and lavatories, which tend to be noisier areas with more foot traffic.

If you are flying long-haul, use disinfectant wipes as soon as you board to wipe down key touchpoints like your seat belt and tray table with disinfectant wipes to help stop germs spreading – this can make landing more comfortable, plus many countries practice wiping down feet before sitting down – always good advice when travelling abroad!

8. Take Your Shoes Off

Traveling by plane can be an exhilarating way to see the world, but it is crucial that you know how to properly prepare for your flight. No matter where it may take you – be it back home for Christmas or halfway across the globe – these easy flight tips will ensure your trip runs smoothly so that you arrive at your destination safely.

Airplanes are notoriously filthy places, but it’s easy to keep germs at bay with some preventative hand sanitizer. Simply squirt some alcohol-based hand sanitizer into your palm and rub it around — safe for use on armrests, tray tables, overhead bin handles, light switches and more!

Maintaining clean seats when flying is essential to an enjoyable experience. Wearing socks and shoes while traveling can get very dirty; to protect the seat’s upholstery from potential spillage, take off your footwear before entering the plane, replacing them with slippers once inside.

9. Don’t Pick the Wrong Seat

At times, choosing the wrong seat on a flight can be costly and aggravating. Selecting seats near bathrooms, exits, galley areas or galley areas could prove irritating if you suffer from airsickness or are sensitive to odors. Also avoid seats directly behind bulkheads as their non-reclineable seats and metal cases underneath make it hard for luggage storage and stretching legs without bumping into those sitting nearby.

If someone asks you to switch seats, be upfront and honest with your reason for doing so. Perhaps your family wants to remain together or you have an important connection that you don’t want to miss; offering something as an exchange may help make the exchange more pleasant for both passengers. Don’t be rude or pushy as that wouldn’t be fair on either party.

10. Stay Connected

Staying connected while traveling for work or pleasure is essential to an enjoyable flight experience. Many airlines now provide Wi-Fi onboard (for an additional fee). If you don’t already have an provider that can provide high-speed connectivity while travelling, consider signing up now.

Download apps that offer access to data even when offline, like Google Maps and Evernote Web Clipper. This will allow you to stay productive without incurring extra data charges during your journey.

Parents traveling with young children often rely on portable DVD players as an essential travel item, keeping children entertained and making the flight go by quicker for all. Earphones may also help prevent distraction from other passengers or annoying noises; business travelers might benefit from having a portable keyboard – be sure to pack its charger, too!

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