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A Bodily Therapist Shares His Strategies for Fixing Tight Hip Flexors

One of the analyzed muscle tissue within the health universe are these three muscle tissue in your higher thigh, the hip flexors. Are they weak, or are they tight? There’s a lot confusion about them, and plenty of blame will get laid on them relating to efficiency out and in of the health club. With a Bodily Therapist’s assist, we are going to clear up some misconceptions. With Dr. Bo Babenko, PT, DPT, we’ll study the variations between weak and tight hip flexors and what to do if they’re a problem.

First, a bit of geeky anatomy and advantages of coaching the hip flexors.

The Anatomy of Hip Flexor Muscle tissue

The hip flexor muscle tissue are one of many connectors between the higher and decrease physique. It crosses the hip joint out of your decrease backbone to your internal thigh and is certainly one of your physique’s major decrease again stabilizers and hip flexors. The three muscle tissue that make up the hip flexors are the iliacus, the psoas main, and the psoas minor.

Psoas Main And Minor: are lengthy, thick spindle muscle tissue originating from the thoracic and lumbar space from T12-L4 lateral of the lumbar backbone and inserts on the femur through the iliopsoas tendon. Its actions are hip and trunk flexion, and it assists in lateral thigh rotation.

Iliacus: is a triangular-shaped muscle originating from the iliac fossa and the lateral facet of the sacrum. It inserts on the lesser trochanter of the femur (leg bone), and its muscle fibers merge with lateral fibers of the psoas main to kind the iliopsoas (hip flexor) muscle. Its major capabilities are hip and trunk flexion.

Muscular athlete stretching hamstring and a tight hip flexor in a yoga position

Advantages of Hip Flexors Workout routines

You don’t usually assume or really feel your hip flexors working, however count on these three advantages—with out enthusiastic about them—when they’re absolutely operational.

Improved Hip Mobility

Strengthening and mobilizing your hip flexors will let you entry your hip’s full vary of movement to boost all elements of your leg workouts, resulting in improved hip extension and juicier glute positive factors.

Elevated Velocity

In case your hip flexors are brief or weak, it is going to have an effect on your means to attain highly effective hip extension. Principally, it will possibly gradual you down. The stronger and extra cell your hip flexors muscle tissue are, the higher your means to drive off the bottom quicker.

Doable Discount In Low Again Ache

The hip flexor muscle tissue are a major again stabilizer and a connector between the decrease and higher physique. A good and weak hip flexor can pull the decrease again into additional lordosis (elevated curve), inflicting anterior pelvic tilt and making you extra liable to lower-back points.

Indicators of a Tight Hip Flexor

“The hip joint space is difficult; we at all times need to clear the adjoining areas. The groin, hip joint, and decrease again all must be dominated out when there’s ache within the entrance of the hip. The most typical grievance with hip flexors is normally ache as you deliver your leg up off the bottom like a excessive knee. This may be limiting your lunges, squats, and even operating.

One would additionally know if they’ve issue or overarching lumbar spines when coming into a lunge place, particularly with an upright torso,” explains Babenko.

3 Workout routines To To Relieve a Tight Hip Flexor

“We have to make sure the size of the muscle is a matter earlier than programming any train. A real “tightness” restriction could be examined in a “Thomas place” (clinically talking, that is whenever you lay in your again and have one leg hold down—in case your thigh bone doesn’t drop beneath parallel to the ground, we name {that a} tight hip flexor).

We will additional differentiate the hip flexor from the quad by including or eradicating the knee bend.

Hip flexors can usually be weak, which may simply be examined with handbook muscle testing. Once I work with purchasers, a easy 60-second single-leg steadiness the place the up leg has a 90-degree knee bend works.

For addressing the hip flexor tightness, I’ve discovered plenty of success with people spending a while “smashing their quads and hip flexors, even into the stomach,” says Babenko.

Listed below are three Bodily therapist-approved workouts for actually tight hip flexors.

Quad Smash

Intestine Smash

Sofa Stretch


For The Women: “ Even if you’re not feeling any signs, please go discover a “pelvic well being PT” to take a look at the well being of your pelvic flooring, as this might contribute to many areas across the hip, just like the hip flexors.

By no means having a pelvic flooring examination from a professional skilled is like by no means going to the dentist in your enamel! I imagine this can be a vastly under-served space that not sufficient girls find out about,” explains Babenko.

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