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10 Best Natural Attractions in New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind!

10 Best Natural Attractions in New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind!

Moeraki Boulders in Dunedin offer stunning natural attractions that are both photogenic and intriguing, dating back some 65 million years! Plus they’re steeped in Maori mythology! If you’re in New Zealand and seeking stunning Instagrammable natural attractions that also fascinate, check out Moeraki Boulders. These peculiar rocks date back 65 million years!

Milford Sound offers breathtaking sights as you cruise, walk, kayak or drive its shores. Cliffs rise vertically out of navy blue waters while mountain peaks touch the skies – the scenery truly is remarkable.

1. Huka Falls

Huka Falls provides nature lovers with the ideal escape from city life scenes. Part of Waikato River that drains Lake Taupo, this waterfall’s waters suddenly narrow from a wide riverbed of 100 meters down to just 15 meters and create a powerful waterfall.

Huka Falls’ water gushes at such an intense rate it resembles foam, giving rise to its name. 220,000 litres per second cascade over this waterfall – enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 11 seconds!

10 Best Natural Attractions in New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind!

Water cascading through a narrow gorge is mesmerizing to watch, making for stunning photos. A must-see natural attraction of New Zealand, these falls can easily be included on your North Island tour itinerary and accessible either by car or bus from Taupo.

2. Tongariro National Park

New Zealand is truly unmatched when it comes to natural wonders, boasting stunning landscapes in every direction. Well known for the All Blacks, Peter Jackson films and delicious Sauvignon Blanc wine production; New Zealand offers breathtaking natural wonders.

Tongariro National Park is an irresistibly beautiful natural attraction. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park features three active volcanoes, alpine lakes, herb fields and forests as well as snow-dusted peaks with hot springs. Additionally, there is plenty of untamed wilderness here as well.

10 Best Natural Attractions in New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind!

Make sure to hike the Tongariro Crossing, a 19.8-mile (25.6-kilometer) trek that spans across volcanic landscapes of Tongariro National Park. There are also Department of Conservation huts suited for winter treks in this park, perfect for shared accommodations during your expedition.

3. Tongariro Alpine Crossing

New Zealand may be best-known for its All Blacks, Peter Jackson films and Sauvignon Blanc wines; but its natural attractions are equally breathtaking. From Moeraki Boulders to Milford Sound’s mesmerizing fjords there are numerous sight that are sure to leave an impactful impression.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of the premier hiking tracks in New Zealand, boasting 19.4 kilometers through volcanic landscapes encircled by two active volcanoes: Mount Tongariro and Ngauruhoe (known in Lord of the Rings series as Mount Doom).

10 Best Natural Attractions in New Zealand That Will Blow Your Mind!

This extraordinary hike may be challenging for beginners, yet accessible to most active individuals with a can-do attitude. Just make sure that you follow the signs and stay on the marked trail to avoid volcanic risks! Those feeling particularly daring may consider climbing Mt Ngauruhoe for stunning panoramic views!

4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Boat silently through Waitomo Caves’ Glowworm Grotto and discover an otherworldly labyrinth of limestone passages filled with bioluminescent glowworms, an otherworldly labyrinth illuminated by thousands of miniature bioluminescent glowworms. Marvel at their towering stalactites and stalagmites formed over millions of years as marine fossils sinking to seabed over millions.

Due to tectonic movements that raised New Zealand from the ocean, caves formed. Tour operators offer trips through these spectacular caves so visitors can walk along subterranean rivers or experience blackwater rafting within Ruakuri Cave.

Waitomo Caves were given their name by Maori tribesmen after wai, meaning water, and tomo, meaning hole or shaft. Tours are available for people of all ages and fitness/mobility levels–from 45-minute tours up to five-hour adventures that include abseiling. Although open year round, wintertime (November – April) is ideal.

5. Blue Pools

The Blue Pools are an enchanting natural attraction near Lake Wanaka. Their crystal clear waters surrounded by snow-capped mountains are mesmerizing; visitors can walk, cruise, kayak, drive or fly into this unforgettable sight for an unforgettable experience.

New Zealand is home to active geothermal activity that provides many hot springs, mud pools, and bubbling fumaroles – Rotorua being one of the main hubs for these natural wonders with its pungent sulfur smell and bustling thermal areas.

Champagne Pool at Waiotapu geothermal area is an exquisite sight with its vibrant hues and sparkling waters – hence its name Champagne. Or witness Frying Pan Lake’s humorous name which comes from its bubbling surface caused by carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide gas; furthermore you may witness Wai-O-Tapu which boasts the world’s most breathtaking natural waterfall color: its greenish-colored waters being called Wai-O-Tapu!

6. Lake Rotomairewhenua

New Zealand may be famous for the All Blacks, Peter Jackson and a delicious Sauvignon Blanc; but its breathtaking landscape is one of nature’s greatest wonders. From picturesque lakes and volcanoes to ancient forests – New Zealand will leave you speechless with its spectacular natural wonders.

Lake Rotomairewhenua, more commonly referred to as the ‘Blue Lake”, is one of the world’s clearest natural lakes. Recent research indicates its clarity surpasses even that of laboratory water with visibility reaching up to eighty meters; however, entering this ethereal body of water is forbidden since Maori traditions hold it sacred.

The Blue Pools can be found within Mt Aspiring National Park and are tucked into shady forests of beech and podocarp trees, offering visitors the perfect spot for taking leisurely walks around these crystal clear pools to appreciate their crystal-blue waters from all sides.

7. Frying Pan Lake

These breathtaking springs seem too beautiful to be real and belong in a Disney animation – making it an essential visit for nature enthusiasts.

Frying Pan Lake in Waimangu Volcanic Valley is one of the world’s largest hot pools, occupying part of a crater formed from Mount Tarawera’s 1886 eruption and emitting acidic waters and gases that give its surface the appearance of a boiling cauldron.

South Island glaciers are one of the country’s most breathtaking natural attractions, beloved among hikers and heli-hikers alike. Hikers and heli-hikers especially can marvel at these impressive spectacles of nature; for a more dramatic experience visit Hooker Lake in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park where visitors can spot whales, seals, fur seals and even kiwis during coastal walks or whale watching tours – or take an outing to view its magnificent glacial formations known as Southern Alps!

8. Lake Taupo

People typically envision New Zealand trips as epic landscapes and adrenaline-inducing adventures, so Taupo in central North Island offers both elements in abundance.

Lake Taupo is an essential natural attraction, featuring Maori rock carvings, cultural experiences, and water sports activities such as trout fishing. Boat tours and cruises also provide leisurely ways of viewing this splendid natural wonder.

Tongariro Lake is surrounded by three active volcanoes that offer stunning backdrop for day hikers of the Tongariro Crossing trail. Additionally, geothermal activity within its environs includes hot springs and bubbling mud pools such as Inferno Crater at Waimangu Volcanic Valley; its ever-evolving terrain makes this truly incredible to witness!

9. Tane Mahuta

One of the most impressive sights to see in New Zealand is Tane Mahuta, an impressive towering kauri tree known as Lord of the Forest by Maori people and boasting one of the largest (by girth) and oldest trees on Earth.

Tane Mahuta can be found within Waipoua Forest in Northland and can be easily reached via State Highway 12. Approximately 65km separate it from Dargaville and 18km from Omapere.

Maori mythology holds that Tane Mahuta was created from two primordial parents, Ranginui (sky father) and Papatuanuku (Earth mother). With its incredible size, this New Zealand natural attraction will leave you spellbound.

10. Glaciers

Glaciers are natural wonders and an unforgettable experience, offering both scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes. Fox and Franz Josef glaciers in particular captivate visitors from New Zealand’s Southern Alps into lush rainforests below; offering visitors breathtaking landscapes. It is one of only few places worldwide where glaciers reach so close to sea level for such breathtaking scenery.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park provides the ideal setting to view glaciers. Visitors can climb mighty Mount Cook and hike across Tasman Glacier or take a helicopter tour over it, providing spectacular views.

New Zealand’s natural beauty is truly captivating, from stunning waterfalls to glowworm caves. No matter your chosen form of transportation – hiking, cruising, kayaking or driving – New Zealand offers something special. Add it to your bucket list now; you won’t regret it.

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