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Best Nature Attractions in Singapore

Best Nature Attractions in Singapore

Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore offers an ideal way to escape the city centre. Enjoy strolling along its trails while discovering all of its coastal cliff-side species.

Windsor Nature Park showcases Singapore’s wetland wonderland while MacRitchie Park provides hiking trails and treetop walks, while Kranji Marshes are great spots to spot shy marsh birds such as Japanese sparrowhawks during raptor migration season.

1. Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Nature Reserve (Chinese: La Bo Duo Zi Ran Bao Hu Qu / Malay: Kawasan Selatan Pergajuan Labrador), located within Labrador MRT station’s proximity, is home to an array of flora and fauna that is both visually striking and ecologically diverse. A peaceful escape from city life, Labrador Park offers visitors an opportunity to discover diverse landscapes ranging from mangrove forests, gardens, to coastal boardwalks as they stroll along its trails!

Labrador Park offers the ideal setting for family picnics, cycling tours and leisurely strolls while taking in stunning sea views. Furthermore, fishing at its jetty is popular.

Best Nature Attractions in Singapore
Best Nature Attractions in Singapore

This reserve provides an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts, particularly birdwatchers. Boasting an abundant biodiversity that includes more than 70 bird species, 11 butterfly varieties and various tree varieties; plus some authentic war relics such as Dragon’s Teeth Gate and Red Berlayer Beacon which used to guide ships into Keppel Harbour.

Are You Searching for More Active Ways to Spend Time at Labrador Nature Reserve? There are various fitness stations and jogging tracks located around the area which visitors may use, including fitness stations and jogging tracks that circle it. In addition, a playground near Red Berlayer Beacon features swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds as well as entertaining tunnels for crawling children to use while having fun! In addition, further down from main entrance towards coast there is another large playground offering variety of activities both children and adults.

2. Dairy Farm Nature Park

Dairy Farm Nature Park boasts 63-hectares, offering numerous activities that will delight nature enthusiasts. A former working dairy farm, now transformed into the Wallace Education Centre and Wallace Environmental Learning Lab for field studies, as well as the Wallace Trail commemorating renowned English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace; one of Charles Darwin’s contemporaries who used Singapore as his base to research Malay Archipelago natural history for eight years during his study period.

A highlight of Dairy Farm Nature Park Carpark A is the former quarry that now serves as an habitat for stunning flora and birds, easily accessible via hikers and mountain bikers using various trails that weave their way through dense jungle vegetation. Furthermore, The Singapore Quarry Wetland close by Dairy Farm Nature Park Carpark A is popular with birdwatchers looking for dollarbirds or kingfishers; often these can be spotted here!

Minister Mah Bow Tan addressed a crowd of nature lovers and school children during the opening of Dairy Farm Nature Park & Wallace Education Centre, sharing information about all of the new parks and offerings from National Parks Board to an enthusiastic crowd.

Dairy Farm Nature Park offers an ideal hiking trail experience. The 2.2 km Wallace Trail is a short stroll that’s suitable for beginners and families, starting in Carpark A and leading through foothills of Bukit Timah Hill; for an even longer journey you could head up towards its summit; both options offer good opportunities to spot wildlife like monkeys and pangolins along your travels!

3. Sungei Buloh Nature Park

Sungei Buloh Nature Park, Singapore’s inaugural ASEAN Heritage Park, is an unassuming gem tucked away near the city. Amid lush flora and fauna, you’ll feel transported into another world just minutes from downtown Singapore. This wetlands reserve is home to an extraordinary array of birds, reptiles, mammals – even rare and endangered species! All this makes for a truly special experience!

Sungei Buloh’s 202 hectares of mangrove forests, mudflats, ponds and secondary rainforest make Sungei Buloh an idyllic bird-watcher paradise. Migratory bird hotspots abound here annually with hundreds of different bird species recorded each year; additionally it’s also an excellent location for watching mangrove wildlife such as mudskippers, tree-climbing crabs, water snakes, monitor lizards, otters and estuarine crocodiles!

Formerly used for prawn farming, this area has since been transformed into a nature park. Offering family-oriented activities like birding and otter watching – as well as learning about all of the species who call the park home. Interactive games at the visitor centre as well as live cameras that display footage from various spots throughout the park provide visitors with an interactive experience in nature. Forest trails, Coastal Boardwalk and Junior Adventure Trail allow guests to get even closer.

Sungei Buloh Park is one of the great gems that’s free to visit, making it an excellent budget-friendly destination. Walk along one of its short trails or extend your visit by discovering its rugged terrains – ideal for birders and art enthusiasts who wish to practice drawing techniques in an idyllic natural landscape. Getting there is convenient too: it is located only a short distance from Kranji Station.

4. Jurong Eco-Garden

Singapore’s nature park located in the west offers several thematic zones. There’s a lush rainforest, rugged hillside terrain and freshwater swamp forest dotted with hiking trails – each hosting different plants and animals like timber trees, liana vines, ferns and orchid species – as well as lookout points like Ficus Lookout and Freshwater Swamp Forest Viewpoint for nature lovers to appreciate.

Jurong Eco-Garden
Jurong Eco-Garden

The park is popular among both locals and tourists. Activities available here include cycling, kayaking and fishing – not forgetting its unique landmarks such as Double Beauty Bridge and Japanese Gardens that evoke traditional summer house with their zig-zag bridges and stone lanterns.

Visit this park all year long to take part in activities such as the Frog Watching Hike or Birding Trail, popular among families with young children. There’s even an educational Frog Farm available where visitors can learn more about these amphibians while witnessing conservation efforts at play!

Kranji Marshes are another highlight, where visitors can discover an array of aquatic plants, insects and birds. Raptor Tower and one of many bird hides offer elevated perspectives of this marsh ecosystem. You can take a scenic stroll along Kranji Reservoir for great views of surrounding greenery and skylines as well as historical relics like Battlebox and Tunnels used during World War II – among many more attractions – making for an engaging visit.

5. HortPark

Singapore is an exciting metropolitan center, yet also home to stunning garden oases and nature parks that provide the perfect setting for wildlife watching, hiking, biking and kayaking activities. Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to keep them occupied such as exploring Sungei Buloh Nature Park’s pristine mangrove swamps or enjoying panoramic vistas from MacRitchie Reservoir Park’s TreeTop Walk with incredible scenic views from above the treetop-level walkway – not forgetting exploring Sungei Buloh Nature Park itself with its mangrove swamps or exploring Sungei Buloh Nature Park’s pristine mangrove swamps – not forgetting all!

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s premier natural attractions, boasting an exquisite display of blooming plants. Beyond just being beautiful to visit, Gardens by the Bay also serves as a model of eco-friendly design with features like water recycling and solar panels incorporated into its design. Don’t miss visiting its Supertree Grove either; featuring unique steel structures covered in lush vegetation!

HortPark, a 23-hectare park featuring different garden plots and flowers grown locally by Singaporeans. HortPark features Flora Walk, Lifestyle Corner and Butterfly Garden as notable highlights; additionally it includes Nature Playgarden designed to encourage Singaporean children to spend more time outside and reconnect with nature.

The park is an ideal place for families with young children, and the children’s playgrounds provide ample opportunity for running around and having fun together. The park is home to various birds such as blue-crowned hanger and rufous woodpecker; hiking trails allow access to all areas within it or take an optional guided tour through its rainforest area – an experience similar to when Labrador Nature Reserve used to be covered in tall timber trees and liana vines hundreds of years ago!

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