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Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

Many people mistakenly believe traveling through Africa will be both expensive and unsafe; this however isn’t always true.

Africa offers adventure for every budget traveler – from scaling Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to spending time among Rwanda’s warm people on Lake Kivu shores – so take a read below for our list of 9 Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa.

Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

1. Kenya

Africa offers some great travel opportunities at an economical cost, and those wishing to experience its wonders without breaking their budget should look into travel to its cheapest countries. Here, local food and buses cost next to nothing, while dorm rooms and meals come at reasonable rates.

Kenya is one of the most affordable African destinations for those on a tight budget, offering breathtaking mountain hikes, exploring breathtaking national parks and incredible wildlife encounters – all for under US$50 a day!

Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

Ghana is another amazing bargain African destination where you can experience vibrant coastal cities and learn about Ghana’s long transatlantic slave history in Cape Coast. Indulge in local delights like Jollof or Waakye rice dishes before exploring Zanzibar’s picturesque beaches! And for an even cheaper trip experience visit Malawi – “Warm Heart of Africa”, home of wild animals for less than the cost of dining out!

2. Tanzania

Though some African nations may appear inexpensive for visitors to experience, this should not be taken as evidence of poverty. Instead, their affordable lifestyle merely reflects how simply their lives are lived and makes visiting easier.

Rwanda welcomes visitors with its vibrant natural scenery and diverse culture, drawing them in with its exquisite natural landscape and wildlife attractions such as Nyungwe National Park’s gorillas or Burchell’s zebras in Akagera; history buffs can explore Rwanda’s tragic past at Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Cheapest Countries to Travel in Africa

Kenya is another popular safari destination for budget travelers. Here, budget travelers can experience iconic African landmarks like Mt Kilimanjaro and Serengeti at a fraction of the cost compared to other safari spots worldwide. Additionally, accommodation, bus fares, local food and taxi fare in Nairobi cost as little as PS3, making Kenyan cuisine very accessible on any budget. Similarly Malawi boasts stunning Lake Malawi as well as other tourist spots that are accessible at pocket-friendly prices.

3. Uganda

Most people outside Africa believe traveling to this continent is expensive due to media portrayals of poverty, hardship, droughts and famine.

Many African countries are surprisingly affordable to visit! From attractions and activities that will make your journey memorable, to low cost taxi services and accommodations – Africa provides some impressively budget-friendly vacation destinations!

Uganda is an affordable safari destination. Gorilla permits (within safe limits) are much less than elsewhere around the world and you can experience real safari without breaking your budget! Plus, Uganda boasts one of the best opportunities for viewing elephants and lions – not forgetting hiking through mountains with stunning landscapes while admiring wildlife! Plus you’ll find some of the lowest taxi cab prices worldwide as well as delicious meals at very cheap prices – plus taxi cabs.

4. Morocco

Morocco stands out as a top budget travel destination in Africa due to its inexpensive flight fares and accommodation costs, offering visitors the opportunity to experience Morocco’s vibrant culture and breathtaking natural landscape without breaking their budget; museum entries or hammam experiences cost as little as one dollar or pound respectively.

Addis Ababa is an affordable African destination that’s packed with must-see attractions. Foodies will appreciate Addis’ tantalizing dishes while history enthusiasts can learn about Ethiopia’s slavery history at National Museum of Ethiopia or other historic sites.

Namibia is another affordable African destination, thanks to its low living costs and wide array of attractions ranging from sand dunes and desert safaris to national parks filled with big game animals – Namibia truly has something for everyone, boasting stunning natural beauty as well as warm, welcoming people who make Namibia truly beautiful. If gorilla trekking breaks your budget, Uganda offers one of the cheapest (but safe) environments in which to do it!

5. Egypt

Egypt is one of Africa’s most cost-effective travel destinations, providing tourists a chance to experience their ideal African vacation without going bankrupt. Long distance train tickets start at just PS15 while Nile River cruises can also be had at about this price point. There are also plenty of budget beach holiday resorts and historic sites worth seeing!

Tanzania and Rwanda offer affordable Africa travel destinations perfect for nature enthusiasts and safari fans. Tanzania boasts abundant safari wildlife while Rwanda charms visitors with vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty – its Kigali Genocide Memorial and Ivuka Arts Studio Centre are both worth seeing!

African travel offers more than safaris and wildlife; you’ll discover exotic cultures, UNESCO-listed heritage sites and biodiversity that’ll surprise and amaze. It can be both relaxing and adventurous at the same time; here are 9 budget travel destinations that’ll let you see all that Africa offers without breaking your budget!

6. South Africa

Rainbow Nation offers breathtaking beaches, thrilling outdoor adventures and delectable culinary treats all at an economical cost. A backpacker can stay in a dorm room at a hostel in Cape Town for as little as PS10/$13 USD per night and still have money leftover to explore its numerous attractions such as Boulders Beach or Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

Ghana is well known for its vibrant celebrations, featuring dancing, drumming, singing and food – offering visitors the perfect way to experience Africa’s vibrant culture and witness how Africans live their daily lives.

Malawi, located between Zambia and Lake Malawi in Southeast Africa, makes an excellent lakeside safari experience. Furthermore, Malawi features some of Africa’s top game parks where you can encounter all five Big Five animals: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinoceroses.

7. Zambia

Zambia may be home to one of Africa’s iconic landmarks – Victoria Falls – yet remains relatively inexpensive for visitors. Local food can be purchased almost for nothing, bus tickets cost little and accommodation rates remain exceptionally reasonable, making Zambia one of the least-expensive African countries to travel in, especially if staying by Lake Malawi where clear beaches await!

Malawi, located in southeast Africa, makes an excellent budget travel destination. A typical day costs less than $50 USD, offering plenty of activities such as visiting Kumbali Cultural Village, hiking in Nkhoma Mountain Range or going scuba diving at Lake Malawi.

Ethiopia is another of Africa’s more cost-effective travel destinations, as food, transport and accommodation costs are quite affordable. Plus it boasts some stunning natural landscapes and historical landmarks!

8. Botswana

Africa can be costly to visit, but there are ways you can still enjoy an amazing adventure on a tight budget. Some of Africa’s cheapest countries provide excellent value for money including beautiful beaches, outdoor adventures and delectable meals.

South Africa draws tourists in with its spectacular beaches, stunning mountains and variety of wildlife that astound. Additionally, affordable outdoor excursions can be organized for guests – particularly in Cape Town.

Botswana is an unparalleled safari destination, boasting an amazing diversity of wildlife and landscapes spanning the Kalahari salt pans to the Okavango Delta’s breathtaking ephemeral beauty – making this truly natural wonderland.

Although Africa can be explored independently, budget overland tours may provide a more affordable way of experiencing its diverse regions. These group tours usually combine camping as the primary accommodation option with activities and guides all for one set price model.

9. Namibia

Namibia, located in Southwestern Africa, is an affordable tourism destination by Western standards. Accommodation and food prices in Windhoek’s capital and Walvis Bay – famous for its flamingo colonies – are also economical. Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site also makes a worthwhile stop, with prehistoric hunter-gatherer rock engravings and petrified forests to explore at affordable rates.

If budget is an issue, Rwanda could be an excellent alternative. Here you can learn about Rwanda’s tragic history and recovery efforts at Kigali Genocide Memorial before viewing breathtaking wildlife at Nyungwe National Park.

Mozambique is another surprisingly affordable African destination to explore, offering visitors many attractions and activities from white-sand beaches and coral reef diving to history lessons and intriguing landscapes. Additionally, its low crime rate – private rooms can cost as little as $5 in guesthouses while long distance buses cost only about $10 – make travel here an appealing proposition.

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