Home Nutrition Snake fruit (salak) Vitamin information and Well being advantages

Snake fruit (salak) Vitamin information and Well being advantages

Snake fruit (salak) Vitamin information and Well being advantages


How to decide on

snake fruits in a market
Snake fruits in a market. Picture courtesy: Seika.

The snake fruit season can differ barely relying on the area. Contemporary fruit accessible as early as Might until September.

Search for snake fruit that has a deep reddish-brown to reddish-black pores and skin. The pores and skin must be agency and free from blemishes or mildew. Select fruits which might be of a uniform dimension and form, as this may be an indicator of high quality.

Keep away from these with inexperienced or yellow patches, as they might not be totally ripe. Additionally, steer clear of overly smooth or mushy, as they might be overripe and fruit with broken or flaking scales, as this may point out poor high quality.


Snake fruit could be saved at room temperature for a number of days should you plan to devour them comparatively rapidly. Nevertheless, they’re finest loved when recent, so attempt to devour them inside a day or two.

For prolonged shelf life, you’ll be able to refrigerate them. Place them in a perforated plastic bag to permit for air circulation to forestall mildew progress. Don’t freeze, as it could actually alter the feel and taste of the fruit.

Meals use

Snake fruits are eaten in the identical means as lychee and lanzones. To organize, simply wash the fruit in chilly water and mop dry utilizing a clear towel. Peel the outer cowl by splitting it close to the cone finish after which working downwards. Pit and luxuriate in cream coloured, crunchy aril.

Listed below are some serving suggestions:

  • Snake fruit It’s a common fruit in Southeast Asia and is gaining recognition in different elements of the world because of its distinctive taste and look.

  • This fruit could be freshly eaten to get pleasure from its distinctive style and taste.

  • It’s processed into merchandise similar to pickles, candies, fruit salad, fruit juice in Indonesia, Philippines, and Malysia.

  • Worth added merchandise of snake fruit very a lot loved embody smoothies, pies, and ice lotions.

  • The kernel of “Pondoh” selection could be eaten.

Security profile

Snake fruit is a scrumptious and nutritious tropical fruit that many individuals get pleasure from. Allergic reactions are uncommon.

Don’t eat unripe, uncooked snake fruits as they comprise astringent compounds like tannins, which can burn the oral cavity, tongue, palates, and throat. Discard longans seeds.

Pregnant ladies can get pleasure from salak in restricted portions; keep away from chewing the seeds.

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