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The Best Things to Do in Morocco

The Best Things to Do in Morocco

Morocco is an astonishingly varied destination, from dramatic mountain ranges to gorgeous sandy beaches – there is truly something here for every traveler.

One of the must-see sites in Morocco is Ait Benhaddou Village, listed by UNESCO and situated within its castle-like walls. Here, traditional pre-Saharan habitat with earthen colored buildings clustered together is featured.

Maroc’s unique tanneries are an absolute must. Local tours provide an invaluable way of immersing yourself in Moroccan culture.

1. Hike the Atlas Mountains

Hiking holidays in Morocco provide the ideal way to explore this diverse mountain range. Whether it’s scaling Jebel Toubkal – Morocco’s highest peak – or trekking through lesser-known Anti Atlas Mountains, hiking allows visitors to discover an unforgettable journey through peaks, valleys and Berber villages that make this experience truly remarkable.

The Best Things to Do in Morocco
The Best Things to Do in Morocco

Chefchaouen lies within the high Atlas mountain range and is a photographer’s paradise, boasting vibrant blue walls and vibrantly-hued shops. Don’t miss the UNESCO-listed medina either – time will slip away easily among its maze of narrow streets!

Ouzoud Waterfall in the High Atlas offers another fantastic hiking spot nearby Marrakech that’s easy enough for all ages to access. If you want a more challenging trek, book a guided trip in order to avoid altitude sickness and maximize the value of your trek.

Are you seeking something different and exciting? Head to Essaouira, known for its consistent waves and budget-friendly accommodation. Here, surfers of all skill levels will have fun trying their luck at surfing.

2. Go on a Desert Safari

One of Morocco’s most spectacular natural landscapes is the Sahara Desert, with Erg Chebbi dunes stretching as far as three miles long. You can discover this fascinating terrain on a desert safari where you pack only essential items into a backpack and leave all other gear behind in your car while riding camels across the dunes to a Berber-style camp or staying at Desert Luxury Camp with handcrafted furnishings and luxurious tents set amidst rolling sand dunes for a truly magical experience.

Visit Ait Benhaddou Kasbah for breathtaking views over Draa Valley – a green oasis in the desert with many palm groves and ancient kasbahs to explore – while Tinerhir Oasis boasts more than two million palm trees as well as fruit trees that produce pears, apples, figs, and pomegranates!

Morocco’s bustling cities offer plenty of things to see and do beyond its desert landscapes. Marrakesh and Casablanca remain renowned tourist spots, while Fes’ old-world charm has earned it the designation as Morocco’s Imperial City. Furthermore, Tangier offers visitors a blend of Maghrebi history combined with Mediterranean influence making it an increasingly popular spot.

3. Explore the Medinas

Fez Medina, Chefchaouen’s famed sky-blue medina or Essaouira’s car-free historic districts – Moroccan medinas offer an insight into Morocco’s rich tradition. Step through their old streets and immerse yourself in ancient artisan culture!

Wander the winding streets lined with Koranic schools, palaces and mosques before stopping into an artisan workshop to watch locals craft their favourite products directly from craftspeople – buying directly cuts out any middle man and saves you money! Get crafty by learning to make traditional babouche slippers or explore how finely cut zellig tiles cover some of Morocco’s grand palaces!

Join a medina tour led by an experienced guide for an immersive experience! They’ll teach key phrases like hello (“marhaba”) and thank you (“shukran”) as well as bartering etiquette and how to converse with locals, navigate market stalls more easily so you can shop like a local, and help navigate Morocco’s famous kasbahs including Ait Benhaddou where Babel and Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. It’s an effective way of covering ground quickly while seeing all its attractions such as Ait Benhaddou where Babel and Lawrence of Arabia was filmed!

4. Take a Camel Ride

Riding a camel over Morocco’s Sahara dunes can be the stuff of holiday dreams! Any discomfort will soon fade into memory once you shake out all that sand from your shoes and reflect back on this amazing photo-worthy experience.

Morocco’s other desert highlights include Ait Benhaddou village, Draa Valley canyon (UNESCO listed), Agafay and Zagora dunes and Essaouira as coastal retreats that attract travellers with more relaxed personalities.

One of the best ways to experience Morocco’s desert adventure is with a tour that combines camel riding with exploring local villages and hiking up into the mountains. On this excursion from Marrakech, you’ll visit Tahanaoute Berber Village to learn about their argan oil production processes before trekking into Toubkal National Park for breathtaking views.

Erg Chebbi dunes offer you an amazing ride through its windswept dunes to discover traditional Berber villages and sleep under the stars at a desert camp – an experience many previous guests have raved about for its fun camel ride and engaging mountain trek. Legzira Beach boasts breathtaking red rock arches shaped into natural works of art by waves lashing against it; from here you can visit other nearby pristine beaches such as Tahanee Beach which feature impressive red rock arches sculpted into natural works of art by waves pounding against its red rock arches by legzira Beach to admire red rock arches created from natural rock arches by waves lapping against red rock arches which has created amazing red rock arches made up from red rock arches in nature!

5. Stay in a Riad

Morocco’s riads are more than hotels; they are cultural experiences in themselves. Staying in one of these elegant palaces — many dating back to medieval era — is like entering another world; here, you can gain insight into past Moroccan lives as well as appreciate their intricate decorative arts close up.

Your tour will provide an introduction to Morocco’s religion and culture, including proper etiquette for visiting religious sites. Additionally, you’ll practice speaking Arabic while gaining an understanding of local customs such as bartering or making small talk with locals. Plus you’ll explore UNESCO-listed medinas such as Marrakech and Fez.

Your trip will offer ample opportunity for relaxation as well. Morocco’s Atlantic coast features popular seaside resorts with long stretches of sandy beach. In addition, visit Cascades d’Ouzoud where waterfalls cascade into inviting pools amidst towering mountains and lush forests – an excellent location for hiking or taking part in guided tours; birders may spot flamingos, seagulls and other exotic birds here – it makes an excellent getaway for nature enthusiasts!

6. Go Surfing

Morocco is one of the premier surfing destinations. The Atlantic coastline features long beaches and rocky coves suited for surfers of all skill levels, providing ideal waves to ride. Taghazout village near Agadir provides some excellent waves, including Anchor Point and Killer Point – two that stand out as great places for beginners as well.

The Best Things to Do in Morocco
The Best Things to Do in Morocco

Tamraght and Aourir offer surfers looking for a quieter surf session an excellent opportunity. Tamraght’s Banana Beach provides beginners with a smooth right-hand break, while Aourir boasts its own sandy beach offering consistent waves suitable for intermediate surfers. Mirleft offers more world-class breaks such as Dracula which only suit experienced surfers.

Morocco offers more than great surfing; travellers will find numerous other attractions as well. Explore Tetouan’s historic centre or make time to visit Chefchaouen – known as ‘Blue City’ in the Rif Mountains for an authentic mountain town filled with painted buildings making for great photo opps and an authentic experience. Or discover ancient Roman ruins at Volubilis.

7. Go Shopping

Morocco is an excellent place for authentic shoppers looking for handcrafted goods like lanterns, babouche slippers and the ever-so-familiar rug! However, before venturing into any medinas it is wise to know your budget and bargaining skills beforehand – not all products made here by local artisans; some vendors take advantage of tourists by overpricing mass-produced products that may not even be handmade!

Fez is another top Moroccan shopping destination known for its leather tanneries. Here, you will find an impressive range of leather products such as shoes and purses as well as having the opportunity to watch workers dyeing the leather using massive stone wells.

Chefchaouen, known as the “Blue City”, can provide an off-the-beaten-path experience in Morocco’s Rif Mountains. This picturesque village features hundreds of blue homes and buildings, creating an eye-catching sight as you wander the cobblestone streets. Additionally, don’t miss Ait Benhaddou UNESCO World Heritage Site that seems carved directly into the mountain itself – perfect for photography lovers!

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