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The Best UK Cities to Visit Right Now

The Best UK Cities to Visit Right Now

The top UK cities boast beautiful architecture, world-renowned museums and an exciting atmosphere that will appeal to anyone interested in history or contemporary art alike. There’s sure to be something in these vibrant cities to suit everyone’s interests!

The Best UK Cities to Visit Right Now

England’s southern cities of Oxford and Cambridge rank highly for culture enthusiasts, while Brighton with its coastal charm and eclectic nightlife is equally captivating. Additionally, Stratford-upon-Avon, known for being the birthplace of Shakespeare, makes an attractive market town destination.

1. London

London is an absolute must-see for any traveler, and should not be missed when in Britain. From history buffs admiring the Tower of London and Tate Modern galleries to contemporary art enthusiasts wanting to visit them both – London has something for everyone! Additionally, foodies will find plenty of great restaurants and cafes catering to every taste in this vibrant yet historic city.

Outside London there are numerous incredible cities to discover in the UK. Belfast is a tourist hotspot known for its rich culture and connections to Titanic; additionally it features vibrant music scenes, breathtaking street art from Banksy, and stunning countryside landscapes.

The Best UK Cities to Visit Right Now

Newcastle has quickly become popular due to the reality show Geordie Shore and its reputation as a party town for university students, but there is much more than that to the city – its museums are some of the finest in England, and there are stunning castles as well as an old-town district which will transport you back in time. York provides more intimate insights into English culture with its medieval walls and narrow shopping streets.

2. Belfast

Belfast, best known as the birthplace of Titanic, pays homage to its rich industrial past with a variety of museums. Within its city center lies an array of old and new structures ranging from gothic cathedrals and an artisan market to restaurants and pubs.

Bloody Sunday street art memorializes a day of violence which claimed 12 lives and caused years of political unrest in Belfast. You can gain an understanding of its complicated past through walking tours or by visiting landmarks such as Belfast City Hall, Crumlin Road Gaol or Ulster Museum.

The Best UK Cities to Visit Right Now

Bath, an idyllic town located in southwest England, is known for its Roman roots and Georgian streets. The Roman Baths feature preserved relics as interactive exhibits; nearby lies Thermae Bath Spa which uses natural spring water to heat its rooftop pool and multi-level spas. Oxford boasts Southern Englishness with architecture made largely out of pale cream clipsham stone; Bodleian Library being its crown jewel while several theaters, arenas and concert venues host stand-up comedy and theatrical performances.

3. Liverpool

Liverpool, the UK’s largest city, combines music culture and iconic architecture while taking full advantage of its seaside location. Home to the UNESCO-listed Albert Dock and several Beatles-related attractions; plus an impressive array of museums and galleries such as the National Museum of Liverpool.

Cardiff’s 2000-year-old castle and sprawling parks are two of the many reasons to visit its Welsh capital. Additionally, Cardiff is known for its vibrant culinary scene; sample some local specialties when in Cardiff!

Manchester may not be as large as London, but it still makes for a fascinating destination for history and architecture enthusiasts. Manchester was home to football club Manchester United before they made the big time; its streets and scenic parks provide plenty of exploration opportunities; plus there’s the iconic 11th-century Nottingham Castle, fascinating City of Caves, vibrant Lace Market brimming with independent cafes and bars to experience too!

Notable for being the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles, England is an invaluable cultural destination with world-class museums, restaurants and shopping. Neolithic Stonehenge stands in this area along with Oxford and Cambridge universities that date back centuries.

4. Inverness

Exploring the United Kingdom should be on everyone’s bucket list; from iconic landmarks and world-class dining to stunning architecture and cultural arts, this diverse island nation provides something for everyone.

At the heart of Scotland’s Highlands lies Inverness; your gateway to exploring Great Glen and Strathspey regions such as Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield, and Cairngorm National Park. The town serves as an ideal starting point to take trips into these beautiful places!

Inverness is a cultural hub with an active music and performing arts scene, many art galleries, and museums showcasing everything from medieval paintings to contemporary works of art. Food and drink festivals take place all throughout the year – such as Great American Cooter Festival in October or Pine Street Jam Parrothead Party turning downtown into Margaritaville for one night in August!

Inverness is a walkable city with historic streets lined with boutique shops and restaurants. Don’t miss a visit to Cathedral of St. Andrews which houses an exquisite collection of medieval and Russian ikons; afterwards explore Inverness Castle grounds or stroll along River Ness banks for scenic walks; there’s also worth stopping at Inverness Museum & Library!

5. Cambridge

Cambridge is best known for its impressive historical spires of its famed university and the academic pursuits associated with it, such as learning and scholarly pursuits and exam anxiety among its student body. Cambridge exudes Britishness, making it one of the best cities to visit in England to get an authentic glimpse of traditional English life.

Oxford may not be as beautiful as Cambridge, but it remains one of the UK’s premier destinations for experiencing southern Englishness. A classic Gothic city built from pale cream “clipsham” stone with beautiful cathedrals scattered about, Oxford features medieval structures like Round Church with distinctive rounded shapes as well as its Bodleian Library which houses world-renowned art collections that you can tour.

Manchester may not be as widely recognized as London, but this lively northern city more than holds its own in terms of culture and activities. From world-class museums to fabulous dining and shopping options – Manchester provides plenty of activities from river cruises to visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery; for the adventurous traveller there are multi-day hiking trips through its hills; while those looking for relaxation can relax by the beach or stop off at Palace Pier to soak up some sun.

6. Oxford

Oxford is home to one of the world’s leading universities and serves as an opportunity for visitors to saunter through history, engage with forward-thinking professors, and explore museums containing treasures – yet this English city offers much more!

Visit the Pitt Rivers Museum for an exceptional experience – its collection is not restricted by geography and time period – making it truly unique among UK museums! Indulge in masks, weapons, writing tools – even shrunken heads!

Any visitor interested in science should visit the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest libraries in Britain containing 11 million books – plus, it even boasts Albert Einstein’s blackboard!

Oxford is home to some beautiful cathedrals that are well worth seeing, including Christ Church Cathedral which served as filming locations for Harry Potter. You could also tour Oxford University’s college buildings crafted from its famous pale cream clipsham stone for an immersive gothic experience.

7. Newcastle

Although Britain is known for its idyllic market towns and quaint villages, its cities also offer much to visitors. From vibrant foodie scenes to cutting edge art galleries – there is something special for everyone in England’s great cities!

Newcastle is an unmistakably captivating northern city that exudes character. Combining coastal living with urban amenities, its beachy lifestyle is juxtaposed against an exciting urban core. Though its famous Geordie accent can be hard to understand, Newcastle stands out with its nightlife and culture offerings and makes for an exciting visit.

Spring and summer are ideal times to visit England’s cities, as the climate is usually warm and pleasant during this period, making outdoor activities even more enjoyable.

London is an essential stop on any trip to the UK. Famed for its history and rich culture, London offers world-class museums, attractions, restaurants and bars that visitors will love exploring. Experience Royalty at Buckingham Palace; learn about British history at Tower of London and Westminster Abbey; experience 17th century maze The Lanes or check out BALTIC art gallery or Quayside market for modern arts experiences!

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