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The Most Expensive Destinations in Australia

The Most Expensive Destinations in Australia

If you’re planning a summer holiday and budgeting is tight, here are some ways to cut costs without forgoing your dream getaway.

The Most Expensive Destinations in Australia

Longitude 131 in Byron Bay offers breathtaking views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta from your bed! This collection of pavilions provide you with panoramic vistas.

1. Sydney

Sydney ranks 10th globally among Economist’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. Due to a weaker Australian dollar, Sydney dropped one spot from last year when tied with Oslo for third. But still more costly than Melbourne or Adelaide and nearly twice as costly than Byron Bay.

The Most Expensive Destinations in Australia

Bondi Beach, one of Australia’s best-known beaches, features an arc of white sand and rocky headland spanning three kilometres in length. Nearby Double Bay features high-end boutiques and eateries as well as some of the most desirable homes in Sydney.

Mosman is an exclusive enclave filled with magnificent Federation homes on expansive blocks. With its quiet beachfront, ocean pools, proximity to Taronga Zoo, and multitude of parks and gardens – complete with rainbow lorikeets filling the trees at dusk – Mosman makes for an enjoyable visit. Don’t miss visiting Sydney Opera House either with its unique sail-like design.

2. Melbourne

Melbourne may only be Australia’s second-largest city, yet this vibrant cultural hub packs quite the punch. Home to an international population, Melbourne is known for its world-renowned museums and galleries, annual festivals, pubs and restaurants that thrive here.

The Most Expensive Destinations in Australia

St Kilda offers beachfront glamour while Camberwell provides more family-oriented attractions. Camberwell’s rich immigration history –including large scale programs that brought workers from the Baltic states and eastern Europe–has played an instrumental role in shaping its multicultural identity today.

Demographia reports that Melbourne has recently joined Sydney on the list of most expensive cities globally; yet its median house price remains significantly lower. This could be explained by low interest rates which have increased borrowing capacity and reduced repayment costs.

3. Byron Bay

Sydney may boast Australia’s most expensive housing market, but Byron Bay comes a close second. Visitors from around the globe come to Byron for its picturesque beaches, laidback lifestyle and unique events; plus it is one of Australia’s greenest regions with an emphasis on sustainability.

Engage a local at a market, pub or lighthouse walk and they may express dismay about how many tourists their town now receives, yet still point out their favorite cafes, healers and waterfalls.

Stay at luxury beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, cottage hideaways in the hinterland or holiday homes close to secluded stretches of sand. Dine on organic food from working farms or enjoy degustation menus at upscale restaurants. Or if you prefer adventure, visit Arkaba Conservancy; its plush homestead spread over 24,000 hectares offers wildlife spotting, fossil hunting and Indigenous-led walks for an outback adventure like no other!

4. Brisbane

Brisbane, the Queensland capital, dazzles visitors with its diverse offerings. South Bank cultural precinct hosts an impressive collection of museums including Queensland Museum and Sciencentre. Additionally, Queensland Gallery of Modern Art serves as its flagship contemporary art gallery. At its shores are several subtropical beaches, including Hamilton Island’s picturesque and relaxed atmosphere, complete with year-round warm temperatures and palm trees that frame an emerald-green cerulean waterway. Attractions on Lord Howe Island include the sleek Capella Lodge located atop Lovers Bay and on its twin mountain peaks; as well as the luxurious Lord Howe Island Retreat which boasts avant-garde design and an impressive art collection that make it highly coveted among global elite.

Spicers Hidden Vale offers an eclectic inner-city enclave where unexpected indulgence awaits, offering something new every visit. Furthermore, Singapore boasts an exceptional employment market where expatriates specializing in finance, technology, engineering and aviation find employment.

5. Gold Coast

Gold Coast may have earned itself a reputation for party-hard fun and high prices, but visitors will find much more to experience here than meets the eye.

Gold Coast Oceanway provides pedestrians and cyclists a path spanning most of its coastline for walking or cycling. James Bond himself was known to make frequent appearances here! For families looking for tranquil beach spots along Broadwater backed by parks and cafes. The Gold Coast Oceanway also connects up many parks for enjoyment during family outings.

Gold Coast theme parks can get quite busy during peak season; for your own safety it may be wise to check online for ticket discounts prior to visiting, as some local motoring associations provide savings through special passes or passes for saving money. There is plenty of accommodation in and around Gold Coast from budget hotels to luxurious resorts that you may consider staying at during your trip.

6. Cairns

Cairns region is well known for its incredible ecotourism attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, but also boasts a vibrant city that balances development with ecological awareness – creating an irresistibly attractive combination that attracts visitors from across the world.

Cairns offers double rooms at an average nightly cost of A$132, placing it third behind Byron Bay and Sydney with regards to cost of living in Australia according to recent survey findings.

Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city, stands out as an inexpensive Australian travel destination. A room will cost an average of A$131 per night due to tourism’s importance as well as an influx of workers from other cities that has led to relatively high employment levels while at the same time maintaining low outright home ownership rates.

7. Perth

Australia’s sunniest capital city offers an energetic urban escape where relaxation and adventure go hand in hand. Come discover its bustling arts scene, explore its Aboriginal history on a walking tour and uncover Swan Valley’s artisan food producers; all just minutes from CBD!

Perth remains one of the cheapest global cities due to its competitive mortgage rates and rental prices, needing only 0.8 of an income to service a mortgage loan compared to two incomes needed in Mumbai, Karachi or Damascus. Furthermore, Perth boasts many accessible experiences like its dumpling house posing as a laundry and an Elizabethan village tucked into a back alleyway.

Sydney and Melbourne may have fallen down in rankings, but both remain far off from being among the 10 most expensive cities when rent expenses are taken into account. But some Australian destinations offer cheaper trips, including Byron Bay, Cairns, and Hobart.

8. Adelaide

Adelaide is an inviting coastal city filled with parks, museums, vineyards and an annual international arts festival – among many other events!

Adelaide offers many excellent places to stay, ranging from boutique hotels with interior design inspired by local surroundings to luxury resorts with sea or bush views. One such luxury resort is InterContinental Adelaide; boasting postcard-perfect city views and luxurious bathrooms. Not too far away are Adelaide Casino, its convention centre, Riverside Restaurant or Merrymaker rooftop raw bar for a quiet escape from it all.

Uluru, Australia’s spiritual heart, can be reached in just an hour’s flight from Adelaide. With its giant red monolith and neighboring Kata Tjuta inspiring wonder, you can experience Uluru either by helicopter, camelback, dining under the stars while listening to dreamtime fables told by Indigenous storytellers, or staying at Longitude 131 – an exquisite collection of pavilions featuring jaw-dropping views of Uluru rock – for unforgettable travel adventures.

9. Tasmania

Tasmania is an attractive summer travel destination, boasting both urban and natural attractions for leisure as well as adventure travelers alike. Additionally, Tasmania hosts various fun festivals, art exhibitions, and music events that make this destination memorable.

State’s natural landscapes range from trackless mountains dotted with sparkling lakes to deep gorges carved by free-flowing rivers to dense temperate rain forests, white-sand beaches and grassy moorlands – drawing tourists and immigrants seeking an environmentally-friendly lifestyle alike. Its captivating beauty has drawn both tourists and immigrants who desire a green lifestyle to this captivating island state.

Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park is the most impressive waterfall in the region and provides spectacular views during Australia’s spring season (September to November). To see even more flowers, head over to Cascades Female Factory – an historic site once home to convict women who worked the gardens or nursed sick patients there – or Port Arthur which offers lantern-lit night tours and ghost hunts.

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