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The Most Famous Zoos in Australia

The Most Famous Zoos in Australia

Australia Zoo is famous as being home to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and his saltwater crocs; however, its many other attributes – including its strong conservation focus – make it worth visiting.

Wildlife Warriors runs daily at the Crocoseum of Australia Zoo and there are also daily talks/shows throughout the day. Their friendly khaki-clad staff will always be more than willing to answer your queries with relaxed Australian vernacular.

1. Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo in Sydney stands as Australia’s highest rated zoo. Home to both indigenous Australian animals and exotic species from across the world, Taronga boasts a diverse and expansive wildlife population that makes it a top tourist spot in both Australia and beyond.

This zoo serves as both a center for conservation and research, with staff working tirelessly to enhance animal habitats and raise visitor experiences. Visitors can see koalas and kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, platypuses, lizards and many other animals here; it’s divided into 8 zoo-geographic regions for easy navigation as well as offering rainforest trails, reptile houses and kids play areas.

The Most Famous Zoos in Australia

Zoo residents have become well-known for their natural behaviors and unique features. Additionally, the zoo hosts various educational talks and shows, some addressing endangered animals that the zoo focuses on while others discuss habitat destruction which has negatively impacted wildlife worldwide.

Taronga Zoo is home to some of the world’s most notable animals, such as African elephants, Sumatran tigers, western lowland gorillas and host of an Asian elephant birth for the first time ever in a zoo! Furthermore, baby booms such as playful baby chimpanzees or endangered red panda cubs often occur here as well.

At this zoo, there is so much to see and do that it may take you more than one visit to fully appreciate all it offers. Budget-minded visitors will appreciate that the zoo provides various packages of tickets and food; snack vendors sell snacks and drinks throughout the park; families may bring their own lunch and eat at various spots within the park; vouchers can also be bought from their gift shop for lunch, snacks or beverages vouchers.

2. Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is home to an eclectic assortment of animals ranging from tigers and bears, elephants and kangaroos – with everything in between like tigers, bears, elephants and kangaroos! Aside from providing these creatures with a safe haven, Sydney Zoo also champions conservation, making it one of the most well-known zoos in Australia. Plus there are several animal-related attractions and activities like Sydney Harbour Bridge Ferris Wheel or Koala Trail where you can photograph Australia’s most iconic animal residents! You can even book close encounters!

This zoo in Sydney’s Mosman neighborhood is famed for its impressive selection of animals such as chimpanzees, African lions, sun bears, tree kangaroos and polar bears. Additionally, bird lovers will appreciate that this popular destination houses exotic birds like rainbow lorikeets. Additionally, animal talk sessions and shows can be found here as well as bird exhibits.

Australia zoos offer the perfect way to experience its wild side – up-close encounters, educational talks and captivating shows are just some of the experiences waiting to be had here! Australian zoos provide entertainment for everyone!

Australia’s zoos offer something truly remarkable: beyond collecting exotic animals and placing them behind bars. Many are involved with protecting endangered wildlife and providing education on these incredible creatures. Visit WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s rainforest zone to meet Mirrin & Dharra, two critically endangered Tasmanian devils; visit Daintree Rainforest to meet Princess the Southern Cassowary who makes friends with yellow-footed rock wallabies; or descend into Kakadu Gorge and face Rocky, an enormous saltwater crocodile!

3. Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is one of Australia’s best-known zoological parks and offers visitors an opportunity to see exotic animals up close. A multi-award winning zoological park, Melbourne Zoo features exhibits including butterfly center, creation of mini Asian rain forest, orangutan sanctuary and elephant trail – not forgetting many Australian animals like kangaroos, wombats platypuses koalas as well as reptiles African rainforest wildlife and marine life!

Melbourne Zoo was opened to the public on 6 October 1862, making it Australia’s oldest zoo and modeled after London Zoo. Today, over 300 animal species roam free within enclosures that replicate their natural environments; visitors can easily reach it both by public transit and car.

This zoo offers an exciting elephant trail where visitors can learn all about Asian elephants – an unforgettable experience and must-do for animal enthusiasts! Additionally, Orangutan Sanctuary can be found swinging from tree branches. Additionally, regular talks on animal behavior and conservation take place.

Albert Le Souef was an honorary secretary of Melbourne Zoo’s Acclimatization Society who helped transform it into an internationally acclaimed metropolitan recreation. Though without formal zoological training, his passion was in protecting native animals and their environments – travelling extensively around Europe in search of exotic specimens for Melbourne Zoo’s collection.

In the 1890s, he initiated and spearheaded a programme for native plants to be planted within its gardens and began breeding programs and established Australia’s first collection of Eucalyptus trees and Flora at a Zoo. Additionally he built its first Aviary while overseeing major building construction and also introduced many new species into it.

4. Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is an iconic tourist attraction known for its natural beauty and amazing wildlife. Home to species from Asia, Africa and Australia in an environment that mirrors their native habitats; offering unique animal encounters and behind-the-scene tours as part of an experience not to be missed!

The zoo also plays an instrumental role in protecting endangered species such as Mertens Water Monitors and Western Swamp Tortoises, and has established an effective captive breeding program for northern white-cheeked gibbons.

Perth Zoo, situated near Swan River, features lush botanical gardens and breathtaking landscapes to complement its impressive animal displays. Additionally, Perth Zoo is famous for its orangutan school which provides safe haven and special care to orangutans while conducting wildlife research and education in partnership with universities and other organizations.

Other activities at the zoo include safari tours by zebra car and animal talks. Home to many types of animals including giraffes and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. Visitors can take a ride on its historic carousel for only $4 per ride!

Werribee Open Range Zoo, like Sydney Zoo, provides its animals with more space than traditional zoos do. It boasts one of the world’s largest gorilla enclosures – offering primates over 6000 square meters to roam freely within their enclosure. Furthermore, this zoo boasts the world’s only off-road safari service which allows visitors to drive through Africa savannah with an experienced safari guide as personal guide.

5. Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo, founded on Kaurna people lands, is Australia’s second oldest zoo and an expansive sanctuary containing more than 2,500 animals from 250 species. Renowned for its breeding programs that contribute to endangered species conservation efforts and its diverse collection of wildlife and scenic settings make Adelaide Zoo an enjoyable visit for both visitors and students alike.

Adelaide Zoo provides visitors with a personal zoo experience filled with curiosity, fantasy, fun and surprise. Adelaide Zoo houses both exotic and indigenous animals such as koalas, wallabies and kangaroos; plus offers unique animal encounters like feeding hand-fed koalas or tickling an echidna’s spines!

Adelaide Zoo’s bird exhibits have created lifelike environments for each species in its bird exhibits, from lake and lagoon species kept in lagoon-type enclosures, to those inhabiting desert-like conditions displayed in aviaries with desert-like attributes. Adelaide Zoo also holds great importance due to the last captive greater flamingo known as Greater, who passed away aged 83 years in 2014.

This zoo boasts an extensive array of nocturnal and reptile species as well as educational programs to engage visitors. Tours run half-hourly for free walking tours (with longer and overnight excursions also offered), feeding sessions, children’s zoo, feeding sessions for giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi attract crowds (known as panda-monium), while Miss C was known as one of only a few female Hoffmann two-toed sloths ever kept captive before her passing in 2017. Yiray gave birth in March 2022!

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