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Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Australia

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Australia

Sydney Opera House should definitely make your list of things to do in Australia! Its architectural beauty will awe you.

Uluru, an iconic red sandstone rock sacred to Australian indigenous cultures and home of both sunrise and sunset views, should not be missed as another must-see attraction.

1. Visit the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks and should not be missed when visiting Australia. Constructed over 14 years, this modern architectural marvel was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site upon its completion and visitors may explore its interior or attend performances while strolling its exterior grounds.

Vivid Sydney features the Sydney Opera House lit every night by digital light shows, offering stunning visual experiences. For an extra treat, book a Taste of Opera experience to experience up-close performances by an opera singer and pianist.

The Opera House offers an exciting Junior Adventure Tour and creative play spaces designed specifically for children. Additionally, guests can dine at the Opera Bar, offering stunning harbor views.

2. Go for a Camel Ride at Cable Beach

One of the top attractions in Broome is taking a camel ride at Cable Beach. This scenic tour is suitable for people of all ages, providing an unforgettable opportunity to admire this amazing stretch of sand.


At Cable Beach near the Cable Beach Resort and Spa, guests will begin their camel ride adventure. Alison Bird will give a safety briefing, sharing her vast camel experience. In addition, guests will learn how to ride their camel of choice!

Red Sun Camels provides various camel tours, from their popular sunset tour to shorter teaser pre-sunset rides that offer just 30 minutes of riding fun – guests even have the chance to give their camel a treat when it is finished! At the end of each tour, guests have an opportunity to give their camel some carrots!

3. Take a Day Trip to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is an enchanting natural landmark, offering visitors plenty of activities. Hikers can hike along numerous trails or visit one of many lookout points before going on tours through this breathtaking region which features waterfalls, grottoes and ferns for visitors to admire.

Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Australia
Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Australia

Wentworth Falls is one of the Blue Mountains’ top attractions. Situated near Three Sisters rock formation, Wentworth Falls is considered to be Australia’s most stunning waterfall. Although moderately strenuous to reach, its hike should not prove challenging and visitors should pack a lunch to ensure optimal experience.

Another fantastic activity in the Blue Mountains is visiting the Australian War Memorial. This impressive monument honors fallen soldiers while housing an extensive museum that explores Australian history. Visitors of all ages will gain something from visiting this landmark site!

4. Go for a Cruise Around Sydney Harbour

No visit to Sydney would be complete without taking a cruise around its exquisite harbor. The Sydney Opera House is an architectural wonder, even more so when seen from the water. Take a tour to learn about Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s revolutionary designs or simply stroll under those sails – Sydney awaits your exploration!

Cockatoo Island is an intriguing precinct of restaurants, shops and historical sites which was once used as a school, jail and naval dockyard. Camping facilities can also be found here.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic symbol that’s easily accessible for free, offering visitors of all abilities the unique BridgeClimb experience to reach its summit. Or take it easy by traversing it via wire-mesh walkway.

5. Visit the Daintree Rainforest

Visit Australia’s Daintree Rainforest is one of the greatest pleasures for nature enthusiasts. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts an abundance of exotic wildlife and plants – an ideal location for hiking or bird-watching trips!

Byron Bay is another stunning beach town in Australia perfect for nature enthusiasts. Visit a pearl farm to gain more knowledge about pearling industry or ride camels on Cable Beach; even more uniquely, experience Australia via train journey!

If you love wildlife, take a night tour of Cape Tribulation’s rainforest. This will allow you to witness some of its nocturnal inhabitants such as swamp wallabies or northern brown bandicoots; there are also lots of natural pools where swimming can take place in this lush environment.

6. Go for a Wine Tasting Tour

Australia is an idyllic destination for wine enthusiasts. Here, they can taste some of Australia’s renowned vintages in breathtaking vineyards known for their deliciousness, high quality production, and unique flavor profiles.

Australia boasts a longstanding winemaking tradition, especially in Hunter Valley region. You can take part in wine tasting tours to gain insight into some of their popular varietals like Shiraz.

Barossa Valley is another premier wine tasting region, boasting world-renowned vintners such as Penfold’s and Yalumba as well as several boutique wineries that provide more intimate experiences; many even feature on-site restaurants! McLaren Vale also offers fantastic wine tasting opportunities; its d’Arenberg Wines boasts an innovative cube-shaped center featuring sensory experiences like wine inhalation rooms and virtual fermenters for unforgettable tasting experiences.

7. Go for a Walk Around the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the city’s most beloved landmarks. Visitors can admire it from various vantage points – pedestrian walkway, Pylon Lookout or via BridgeClimb experience.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, offers stunning coastal scenery near Melbourne. You’ll discover rugged rock formations like the 12 Apostles as well as picturesque beaches. Plus you can explore charming towns and vineyards in this region!

Byron Bay is a coastal town famous for its backpacker scene and laid-back atmosphere, offering hostels and inexpensive restaurants as well as surf lessons or simply lazing around on its beaches. If walking is more your style, explore it along the Byron Bay Trail which boasts beautiful natural landscapes as well as opportunities to see native Australian wildlife such as quokkas!

8. Go for a Walk Around the Sydney Opera House Base

Australia is a vast country filled with many fascinating cities to discover, which boast parks and gardens, markets, art galleries and museums as popular tourist spots.

Sydney is an excellent starting point, where you can tour the iconic Opera House and stroll along its waterfront. Additionally, Sydney provides numerous fun walking tours such as Craft Beer Walking Tour.

If you’re seeking something a bit more adrenaline-inducing, Sydney offers something special: Skypoint Climb of the Q1 Building! Experience an unforgettable adventure while being secured into safety gear and walking along the top of a skyscraper.

Swimming with whale sharks along the Western Australia coastline is another unforgettable experience! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness these magnificent marine animals up close!

9. Go for a Day Trip to the Blue Mountains

Australia’s natural beauty is truly incredible, and one of the best ways to experience it is a day trip to the Blue Mountains National Park – known for its magnificent lookouts, rainforests, waterfalls and wilderness areas.

The Three Sisters is perhaps the most iconic landmark, consisting of three sandstone rocks connected by pathways. Erosion and Aboriginal traditions have given this location its legendary reputation, making this site particularly iconic.

From Sydney, visitors can easily take the train to Katoomba from Sydney as an economical and stress-free way of seeing its gorgeous park. Bring along a good book and snacks for a satisfying two-hour journey! In October visitors might also want to check out Leura Gardens Festival with its gorgeous cool climate gardens!

10. Go for a Camel Ride at Cable Beach

Broome’s iconic Cable Beach is one of the premier attractions. Spanning miles of sugar-white sands against a stunning background of crystal clear waters and fiery red Pindan cliffs, its sunsets are legendary; viewing their mesmerising display of gold, pink, and purple hues should not be missed!

Set sail on a camel for an exciting journey through this legendary stretch, learning all about its character, physiology, and nature from your guide. At the end of your ride you can even give it some carrots!

Red Sun Camels operates tours along Cable Beach’s shores and are easily identifiable with their bright red saddle mats. Tour options available daily from Red Sun include morning, sunset and 30-minute pre-sunset tours as well as private booking options for groups.

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