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Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

travelers continue to flock to some of Europe’s most visited countries despite the coronavirus pandemic, with stunning landscapes and historic sites among these popular travel spots.

France lures visitors with iconic structures such as the Eiffel Tower. But there is more to explore in France than just this iconic structure.

Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

Spain boasts an enticing culture, featuring flamenco music and beautiful architecture like Alhambra in Granada and Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi.

1. France

Europe continues to captivate people from around the globe, from beer drinkers at Oktoberfests in Munich to those delighting in delicious croissants in Parisian cafes – it offers something for everyone.

France, known for its romantic culture and stunning landmarks such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Disneyland is Europe’s top tourist destination, welcoming over 90 million tourists annually. Outdoor recreation seekers have everything from mountains and rivers to sun-kissed Mediterranean beaches at their fingertips in France – making it a top tourist spot!

Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

Spain takes second place, boasting an alluring culture, flamenco music and architectural marvels such as the Alhambra in Granada. Furthermore, Madrid and Barcelona attract travelers with their vibrant atmospheres and delectable cuisine.

Turkey, as the link between Europe and Asia, offers an entrancing destination. A melting pot of ancient empires, it boasts diverse architecture and breathtaking natural features such as Patara Beach. Not to be outdone by nature’s splendor alone, Turkey also boasts lively city scenes including historical landmarks in Istanbul as well as Roman amphitheatres in Antalya – not forgetting an idyllic natural environment!

Germany draws over 12 million tourists annually to its modern cities, historic landmarks and delectable cuisine – drawing them in with modern amenities, historic structures and exquisite culinary offerings such as an impressive variety of wine. Denmark stands out as an excellent tourist destination due to its innovative design and colorful streets of Copenhagen; Austria also provides much to see and do, from majestic Alpine landscapes to imperial history in cities such as Vienna and Salzburg.

2. Spain

France is Europe’s most-visited country and it’s easy to see why: from its iconic Eiffel Tower and museums to wine, cuisine, and vibrant culture. Spain also tops this list and is packed full of attractions for everyone; sunseekers flock to the Balearic Islands beaches while Madrid boasts museums, cultural highlights, cathedrals, pilgrimage trails like Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail as well as seductive flamenco music scene as well as architectural marvels such as Alhambra in Granada.

Italy is Europe’s third most-visited nation and attracts tourists from around the globe, especially its Mediterranean destination of Italy. Attractions like the Vatican Museums, Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as numerous historic buildings such as villas and palaces to discover as well as culinary treats and beautiful landscapes draw people here.

Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

Germany, one of the founding nations of the EU, is a modern industrial powerhouse but retains an air of history and tradition that draws tourists. Home to iconic landmarks like Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle as well as charming medieval towns such as Heidelberg. Poland boasts pretty countrysides with numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as bustling capital cities renowned for art galleries and culinary scene – placing in 10th place overall.

Western Europe experienced a drop in tourism following the pandemic outbreak, but is beginning to make a comeback as museums reopen and travel restrictions are lifted, encouraging more people to visit these top visited nations of Europe.

3. Italy

France holds the top spot as most visited country, but Italy comes a close second. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, Italy boasts majestic mountains, sun-kissed beaches and ancient historical sights; tourists come for its delicious cuisine, delectable wine and unparalleled architecture – such as Roman ruins in Pompeii and Rome that attract crowds; museums like Uffizi offer incredible works by Leonardo Da Vinci as well.

Germany rounds out the top five countries by welcoming an incredible 28,374,000 tourists each year, which is testament to their impressive architectural landscape of luxurious castles, palaces and cathedrals. Visitors are drawn here by its vibrant culture and cuisine in cities like Berlin and Munich; music enthusiasts also find an oasis in Germany’s many festivals throughout its capital city of Berlin.

Croatia topped Europe’s most-visited list for 2015. Boasting over 1,000 islands, Croatia offers beach vacationers plenty of paradise-like destinations. Additionally, its interior offers diverse mountainous terrain and forested terrain that are great for more active vacationers looking for hiking trails, fjords or caves to explore.

The United Kingdom is an increasingly popular European travel destination. Offering something for every kind of traveler, its rich array of attractions ranges from historical palaces such as Buckingham Palace to London’s lively punk and underground music scenes; for nature enthusiasts there are numerous parks and gardens in England as well as Scotland’s spectacular tumbling isles and lofty lochs to discover.

4. Germany

France is Europe’s top visited country, boasting over 117,109,000 annual visitors. Tourists flock to this beautiful nation each year to explore its iconic Eiffel Tower, museums, wine and romantic Paris attractions; yet each season brings something different for tourists to experience here. This gorgeous nation truly has something special for all.

Germany ranks fifth as Europe’s fifth-most visited nation, welcoming 38,8 million travelers annually. From its charming forests, river landscapes, North Sea beaches in the West to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich’s more than two millennia of history; Germany offers something special for visitors from across the globe.

Finland, located at the heart of Europe’s Baltic region, is one of the top tourist spots due to its exquisite natural scenery, unforgettably outdoor experiences, exceptional attractions and vibrant culture. Sweden on the northern tip is also highly-visited due to its ancient walled cities, glittering lakes and snow-capped mountains; popular visitor spots include Gamla Stan, Vasa Museum Drottningholm Palace and Liseberg Theme Park.

Greece draws over 7406,000 tourists each year to its captivating land of ancient history and picturesque islands with iconic landmarks and stunning architecture. Attracting more than 7406,000 people annually, Greece’s picturesque coast draws many to this destination as do vibrant cities such as Athens, Mykonos, Corfu and Patras – just to name a few!

Andorra is Europe’s twentieth most visited country annually, welcoming 5,207,000 tourists each year with its stunning Pyrenean mountains, outdoor recreational activities and duty-free shopping activities attracting people from around the globe. Austria attracts an astonishing 15,091,000 visitors annually with its magnificent Alpine landscapes, imperial architectural delights in cities like Vienna and Salzburg and delectable cuisine such as Wiener Schnitzel, Sacher Torte and Sacher Platter dishes that attract people from across Europe and further afield.

5. Greece

Greece continues to captivate visitors with its vibrant culture, historic sites, and breathtaking landscapes. Greece was the birthplace of Western civilization and offers an incredible mix of cuisine, architecture, art, culture and life – stunning islands, ancient ruins and churches, picturesque towns as well as the vibrant capital Athens with its magnificent monuments and ancient architecture are key draws while Rome boasts the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain and numerous museums that attract many people every year.

France is Europe’s top tourist destination, drawing over 38 million annual tourists to this stunning nation. Attractions in France include world-class museums like Louvre and Musee d’Orsay as well as Chateau de Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral as top tourist spots; along with beautiful countrysides filled with charming villages, vineyards and castles – which all add up to make France an attractive tourist spot!

Spain draws over 26.3 million annual visitors. Aside from its iconic coastline, Spain provides unique cultural experiences – medieval cities, castles and cathedrals are breathtaking to witness; Moorish architecture such as that found at Alhambra stands out against modern marvels designed by Antoni Gaudi such as Sagrada Familia.

Germany rounds out the top five tourist-drawing countries annually with over 28.374,000 tourists visiting annually. Renowned for its Christmas markets and museums, architecture and cuisine – as well as music and art festivals which draw large crowds – Germany also features numerous scenic lakes and mountains for visitors to experience its vibrant culture.

Other top European destinations include Iceland, Malta, Croatia, Austria and Montenegro. In spite of COVID-19 restrictions, Europe continues to attract travelers due to its beauty and variety of experiences – which is great news for travel enthusiasts everywhere!

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