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Top Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom

Top Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom

Canterbury offers the ideal opportunity to delve into British history. Home of UNESCO-listed Canterbury Cathedral and nearby Hadrian’s Wall with its two millennia-old procession of towers, garrisons and milecastles marching across northern England is perfect.

The Giant’s Causeway is an extraordinary natural formation consisting of 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns. Nearby in Stratford-upon-Avon you can visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and his childhood home.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, one of London’s iconic structures, stands as both a place to worship and an impressive backdrop for royal events. Since Edward the Confessor was crowned at this historic venue using its ancient Coronation Chair, every British monarch since him has also been coroneted there; weddings and funerals of royal families such as Prince William and Catherine Middleton also took place there.

This church belongs to the Royal Peculiars group of churches that come directly under crown authority rather than being overseen by bishops. Its architectural grandeur can be seen in its high altar which features bright ruby and sapphire glass covered with heraldic shields adorning its high altar. Also worth seeing are its tombs decorated with carvings of kings and queens as well as statues depicting bearded ladies such as St Wilgefortis who begged God not to force her marriage against her own fathers wishes!

The Abbey stands as an exceptional living museum of royal history and the complicated relationship among church, monarchy and state. Beginning as a palace before it transitioned to church use to its current role as royal coronation venue – and featuring numerous temporary exhibits that illuminate past monarchs or showcase centuries of architectural grandeur – you can get an in-depth experience by visiting. These temporary exhibitions give visitors an excellent way to gain new insights into its rich past!

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens are world-renowned botanical gardens, boasting more than 14,000 species from across the world and boasting unique buildings such as its 17th-century pagoda and Great Glasshouse. Cafes, restaurants and shops serve food and beverages at Kew Gardens; children can run freely here while adults take in some leg-stretching strolls through its expanse.

Top Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom
Top Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom

Kew Gardens are well-known for their impressive collections of tropical and subtropical plants, as well as for their impressive greenhouses. One such greenhouse, designed by architect John Nash in 1836 and moved to Kew Gardens 1837, is known as the Nash Conservatory – and one must not miss seeing it! In addition, there’s the Palm House; another steamy early Victorian structure featuring cast iron spiral staircases leading up to treetop walkways; also notable landmarks at Kew include an imposing Chinese Pagoda 1631 Kew Palace which was once used by King George III to retreat.

Kew Gardens are free to visit, while there may be fees to enter Kew Palace and certain attractions within its grounds. Most greenhouses and buildings remain open year-round while some may have limited hours during winter; please check the website prior to visiting for which attractions are open and their admission costs.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The Cathedral boasts one of the world’s largest domes, making it an iconic sight visible for miles around. Designed by Christopher Wren after London was devastated by fire, it originally functioned as a church before becoming cathedral of Archbishop of Canterbury.

This building’s dome symbolizes resilience, with breathtaking views of the city from its vantage point. Additionally, there is a large crypt with paintings by Turner, Reynolds and Constable displayed there as well as notable historical figures such as Duke Wellington and Admiral Nelson being interred.

Cathedral of Our Lady in Glasgow is a popular tourist attraction and place of worship, offering services open to visitors at its Old Walled Part location nearby several Tube stations. While visitors are welcome to attend services here, visitors should visit its website prior to attending services for updates and closures.

There are multiple bus stops near the cathedral, and it can be reached on sightseeing buses. Additionally, visitors may attend events at the church such as Choral Evensong and other performances. A guided tour would be beneficial in exploring it fully as its size can be daunting to tackle on your own; guides will reveal hidden details of its design while explaining some of its most significant pieces and their histories.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is an award-winning zoological garden and one of the top visited attractions in Britain, boasting more than 3,000 animals spread out over 128 acres of islands and habitats. Since being opened by George Mottershead in 1931, Chester has evolved into an exceptional center for wildlife conservation and education with exhibits that showcase its collection as well as botanical gardens and research facilities for visitors to enjoy.

The zoo has become world renowned for its groundbreaking enclosure designs, which have set a global standard. For instance, its chimpanzee house features outdoor islands surrounded by water and low sandstone walls to allow visitors to observe animals without disturbing them. Furthermore, this facility pioneered gorilla and bear breeding programs and served as a bank of fish semen for other zoos worldwide.

This zoo boasts spectacular landscaped gardens and is home to the Orchid National Plant Collection, Tropical Aviary and Europe’s Largest Reptile House. Additionally, Islands at Chester Zoo is an ambitious new attraction that opened in 2015. This massive exhibit area recreates six island habitats of Southeast Asia through a visually impressive river boat ride, expanding their footprint and expanding their footprint as part of this major new project. Additionally, Chester Zoo features an impressive visitor center as well as Europe’s Largest Polar Bear Enclosure (Loner).

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is an exquisite lake surrounded by mountains and villages. The surrounding terrain has long been the source of inspiration for artists and writers, such as William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter, providing a gorgeous spot to relax during your British vacation.

Wander along England’s largest lake to experience mesmerising views and mountain peaks that surround it, then follow one of the paths weaving through its sloped hillsides to soak up all its natural splendor.

Bowness-on-Windermere makes an ideal homebase for exploring its surrounding area, with bustling bars, independent shops and several restaurants all within its limits. Walking trails begin here leading to Orrest Head with views across Lake Windermere, Helvellyn and surrounding mountains as well as Holehird Gardens which features alpines, heathers and shrubs – ideal places for an exploration of this tranquil region!

If you prefer more adventure, why not give ghyll scrambling, wild swimming, paddleboarding or windsurfing a try? Otherwise hop aboard one of Windermere lake cruises for a lake-wide exploration?

Retrace Wordsworth’s steps at Dove Cottage or visit Hill Top cottage where Beatrix Potter wrote many of her children’s books. You can also visit Rydal Mount and Gardens – an 18th-century family home from which you can gain an in-depth view into its history and culture. There are also ample opportunities for trying your hand at orienteering, an increasingly popular sport in this part of England.

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is one of the few sites in the country offering both a theme park and zoo simultaneously, boasting over 140 animals including giraffes, penguins and sea lions for visitors to explore at their own pace. Visitors also have an opportunity to ‘become a zookeeper’ or join in keepers talks hosted on site.

The park offers an assortment of rides and attractions suitable for non-animal lovers as well, including family ride Splash Battle where riders take turns racing around with water cannons to defend against attacks from fellow riders or off-ride posts; it is located right before Lost River Ride.

Main attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay include not just being a themed theme park but also having its own full-on zoo with over 700 species – ideal for family visits! There is also a tiger show and encounter with rhinoceros as well as cheeky monkey encounters to ensure a fantastic visit experience for all visitors.

The Lost River Ride Zoo is quite expansive, covering nearly all of the area behind it and requires extensive walking if you wish to experience everything it has to offer. Alongside many exhibits with mixed species, visitors may even see rare and endangered animals like scimitar-horned oryxes!

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