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Yoga Nidra for Sleep: Does It Work?

Yoga Nidra for Sleep: Does It Work?


Need to crush it on the fitness center, within the workplace, and at residence? Begin with a superb night time’s sleep. Relaxation is essential for total well being and well-being in any respect levels of life. With one in three adults reporting “poor” or “truthful” sleep, many are exploring yoga nidra to have extra restful nights.

Having been recorded way back to the seventh century AD, “yogic sleep” has loads of advantages — like doubtlessly higher relaxation, stress administration, and a wholesome temper. However “yoga nidra is just not an alternative choice to sleep,” says yoga nidra teacher Karen Brody.

It’s additionally not yoga. “Yoga nidra is a sleep-based meditation follow and a type of consciousness,” she explains.

Learn on to study guided meditation for sleep, find out how to get began, what it could do for you — and why you continue to want at the least seven hours of shuteye.

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Woman Does Yoga Nidra on Mat | Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Yoga nidra is a yogic meditation follow whose purpose is a steadiness between rest and consciousness that brings you to the third of 4 ranges of consciousness. Within the context of sleep, that is the deepest stage of non-REM (fast eye motion) sleep.

“Yoga nidra is a method to entry a state of deep rest for each the thoughts and physique, the place consciousness stays awake and conscious,” says Tracee Stanley, writer of Radiant Relaxation: Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest and Woke up Readability and a yoga nidra facilitator and practitioner for over 20 years.

In a typical yoga nidra follow, you lie in your again in savasana whereas an teacher guides you thru a visualization designed to maintain you hovering between sleep and wakefulness. Whilst you would possibly drift off, that’s not the purpose.

“The most important false impression is that yoga nidra is a yoga nap,” provides Stanley. “Throughout sleep, you aren’t conscious. You don’t bear in mind what occurred if you have been asleep. Within the state of yoga nidra, you stay aware within the liminal areas between sleep and wakefulness.”

How Does Yoga Nidra Work?

Yoga nidra helps you decelerate and calm down, shifting your physique into “relaxation and digest” mode and turning on the parasympathetic nervous system.

The follow shifts you into “a peaceable and blissful state referred to as samadhi,” Stanley says. “Yoga nidra is the nurturing side of nature that welcomes repose, relaxation, and being held unconditionally,” she explains.

That sounds, nicely, blissful, however does yoga nidra actually work? Analysis has confirmed important variations in delta mind waves after solely two weeks of a yoga nidra follow. Delta waves are related to the deepest ranges of rest.

We’ll dive into different advantages in a while.

However as for claims that yoga nidra can offset a poor night time’s sleep or someway exchange sleep? No means, says psychotherapist Niloufar Esmaeilpour, who holds a grasp’s in medical psychology.

“Assuming that practices like yoga nidra can exchange sleep is dangerous as a result of sleep includes crucial organic processes, together with mobile restore, toxin clearance from the mind, and reminiscence consolidation, which can’t be replicated by meditation or rest strategies,” she says.

Brody provides, “it could assist folks who’ve sleep points go to sleep or get again to sleep. An excellent night time’s sleep takes you from waking to desires to deep sleep.” Yoga nidra does all that and takes you right into a “state of consciousness that can not be accessed by typical sleep.”

How Does Yoga Nidra Differ From Meditation?

Two Women Meditating Side by Side | Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Whereas each yoga nidra and meditation provide guided routes to rest, they differ in quite a lot of methods. For starters, you’re usually seated throughout typical meditation, whereas the customary physique place for yoga nidra is corpse pose (savasana).

The 2 practices additionally emphasize completely different levels of consciousness. In meditation, “you both observe your breath or a mantra while you’re awake,” Brody explains, not like the sleep-wake-dream-bliss journey of yoga nidra, which reaches deeper ranges of rest.

Nevertheless it’s undoubtedly not a contest: Each yoga nidra and meditation provide ample advantages for thoughts and physique. And who couldn’t use some down time away from screens and work?

Do Yoga Nidra

Training yoga nidra for sleep is easy. Yow will discover an in-person or on-line class, or obtain a yoga nidra meditation on-line. (BODi’s Sound Meditation program consists of practices particularly for sleep.)

Discover a snug spot to lie down — on a yoga mat, in mattress, on the sofa, and even in your automotive. If want be, you’ll be able to even sit.

When you’re cozy, flip in your guided meditation. You would possibly wish to cowl your physique with a blanket, placed on an eye fixed masks, and/or put on headphones. Then, tune out the true world as you tune in to yoga nidra. You may follow yoga nidra any time of day or night time, and classes can final from quarter-hour to an hour or extra.

Yoga Nidra Advantages

Listed here are a few of the science-backed advantages of yoga nidra:

1. A lift of mindfulness

Well being employees experiencing each bodily and psychological exhaustion underwent an eight-week guided yoga nidra program and confirmed “important enchancment” in mindfulness.

2. Much less stress, improved shallowness

A bunch of college college students was administered one other eight-week yoga nidra routine consisting of twice-weekly, one-hour classes. The end result was a big lower in stress depth ranges and elevated shallowness scores in contrast with a management group.

3. Higher REM and non-REM sleep

Amongst sufferers with power insomnia who underwent a yoga nidra intervention, sleep high quality and effectivity improved considerably, even in comparison with cognitive behavioral remedy.

What’s not on the checklist of advantages? Swapping in yoga nidra for sleep, regardless of what you would possibly see on social media. Make yoga nidra a part of your rest routine — however remember to prioritize the remaining you deserve each night time, too.



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